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From account management to technical support to operations and client services - Tirvera Technologies' customer service and attention to detail are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations, each and every time you work with us. We treat all clients large or small as unique partners, in it for the long haul to provide you with the best solutions and service we can offer.

The bulk of our dedicated technical team is fully employed by our organization, ensuring the experts we place in your classroom are not only intimately familiar with our courseware, but also share in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality services to your firm. We don't suffer from "contractor syndrome", rushing to put "just anyone" with a good resume in front of your team or on a project.


> We're Experts!

Our instructors and course authors are also skilled mentors, developers and architects. We believe that learning, using and maintaining solid software execution and delivery methods are as important as gaining sharp coding skills. Best Practices for software development and execution, beyond technical coding skills, are enforced throughout all of our courses and discussions. Our team brings this extensive experience into every classroom and engagement. Most of our folks are also well known speakers and published authors. Profiles are always available upon request.

Our international, expert team delivers worldwide classroom training, online training, and training support for our global licensing customers and partners. We're ready to go in any time-zone around the world!

> Our Core Content is Wholly-Owned, Customizable and Robust

Our course content is developed by and wholly-owned by our organization, and therefore easily customizable by our own expert team to suit your organization’s unique requirements and goals.

Our courseware and hands-on lab materials are licensed internationally by dozens of firms, and are therefore subject to very stringent quality requirements. Not only will your organization benefit from our own team’s technical expertise, but also from the feedback of hundreds of students and trainers using these materials, worldwide, on a regular basis. This unique position guarantees that our materials are not only robust and interesting, but also technically correct, current and of the highest quality.

Our comprehensive manuals include not only a hard copy of the course presentation, but also detailed reference notes, pertinent diagrams and charts, current lists of suggested online resources and articles, and often technical tutorials or white papers geared to the topics at hand. Hands-on courses also include our unique Trivera LoadNGo DVD for each student, complete with course set up, software, and a multitude of learning resources that complement the course.

Our courses are structured logically. Each lesson has performance driven objectives that ensure students will learn technologies and skills core to the course they are taking – nothing more, nothing less.

We offer more than a “laundry list” approach to teaching. All lessons have clear objectives, are fundamental to learning core defensive programming practices, and are reinforced by hands-on code labs and solid practical examples.

Progressive labs are designed in such a way that students get a firm grasp on fundamental skills while they work toward developing, testing and deploying a complete application or solution.

All labs are take-home, and all solution code is presented in an easy to use self-study format for future use and review.


> We're Technology-Centric Skills Experts

Although our team has extensive experience using a variety of tools and solutions, our core content is “technology-centric”. Our aim is to teach you the best skills and solutions out there – not to sell you software from any particular vendor.

Our practical experience outside the classroom carries over into yours every time. Our vendor-neutral trainers can give you honest opinions, based on real experience, about which tools and solutions may work for your team and project.

That being said, we also maintain an expert staff certified in a variety of technologies and tool suites such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, TomCat, Eclipse and more. Almost all programming courses can be taught using a wide variety of tools options, presented by experts, Let us know which one you need, or we can even help you make your selection.

  • > We're Truly Dedicated

  • To delivering your program with success.

  • To maintaining a flexible, custom approach to developing the right program for you and your team, specific to your challenges.

  • To helping you get the most value for your training or development dollar, taking the risk out of your investment. Our services are GUARANTEED.

> For Additional Information

Need dedicated training? All courses can be brought onsite or produced online / virtually for a private presentation, customized to suit your unique requirements or goals. Our pricing is always cost effective, and our services are guaranteed. Please also visit our Public Training Schedule for available open enrollment dates that may apply. Please contact us for course details and Special Discount Offers.  Please contact us for more information, pricing and special offers.

Need courseware or courseware development services?  Let us take the risk out of your next courseware purchase, curriculum development project or classroom delivery! All Trivera Technologies course materials are available for corporate license and customization, with complete instructor support and free corporate branding. Samples are available upon request. Please contact us for details, options and excellent, competitive pricing.

For more information about our training services, collaborative mentoring services, courseware licensing options, courseware development services, public course schedule, training management services, partner and reseller programs, or to see our complete list of course offerings please contact us at or call toll free #: 844.475.4559.

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