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Mobile Application Development Training
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HTML5 Mobile Application Development & Android Development
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HTML5 for Mobile Development is a fast-paced, hands-on class that immerses attending students right into practical lab application using the latest industry development trends and best practices.  Students will explore the new HTML5 structural, semantic, and form tags, how to use Canvas to create drawings natively in the browser, how to work with HTML5 audio and video, the new methods for storing variables client-side, and how to build applications that work offline. Developers will also learn about the current state of browser support for HTML5 and the theory behind all the recent updates and changes in the technology.  

This course also provides a full day of Android Development coverage as well.

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Course Snapshot


TT4635A HTML5 for Mobile Application Development (with Android Development)


4 days

Skill Level

Intermediate and beyond


This is an intermediate level web development course, designed for experienced mobile application developers who need to extend their knowledge of mobile development .  This is a hands-on programming class.  Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Hands-on Format This hands-on class is approximately 50/50 lab to lecture ratio, combining engaging lecture, demos, group activities and discussions with comprehensive machine-based practical programming labs and project work.
Delivery Options We're flexible! This course is available for onsite private classroom presentation, or live online virtual presentation, or can be presented in a combined delivery learning solution. Please also visit our Public Schedule for open-enrollment course dates.
Customization Options

We'll target the class to your needs. This course may be easily tailored to best suit your training skills objectives, tools of choice and learning goals.

Course Overview & Objectives: What You'll Learn Audience: Who Should Attend Pre-Requisites & Learning Path Course Topics & Agenda Student Materials: What You Receive Classroom Set Up Made Simple Why Choose Our Solution

> What You'll Learn: Course Overview & Objectives

This course provides indoctrination in the practical use of the umbrella of technologies that are on the leading edge of mobile application development.

Working within in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn:
•   Learn how to start building HTML5 pages today.
•   Learn the major benefits of HTML5.
•   Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4.
•   Become familiar with HTML5's new elements and attributes.
•   Learn to work with audio and video in HTML5.
•   Learn to work with HTML5's new Canvas element to create code-based drawings.
•   Learn to use Web Storage for offline applications.
•   Learn to use all the cool new HTML5 form elements.
•   Learn the current state of browser support for HTML5 and how to make your HTML5 sites degrade gracefully.


Need different skills or topics? 

If your team requires different topics or tools, additional skills or custom approach, this course may be easily adjusted to accommodate.  We offer additional Java programming, design and security courses which may be blended with this course for a track that best suits your development objectives.
Course Structure

Throughout the course students will be led through a series of progressively advanced topics, where each topic consists of lecture, group discussion, comprehensive hands-on lab exercises, and lab review. This course is “skills-centric”, designed to train attendees in essential object oriented, Java development skills, coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest coding practices.
Hands- on Learning

This course is about 50% hands-on lab and 50% lecture, with extensive programming exercises designed to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts learned in the lessons.  Our courses include ample materials and labs to ensure all students are either appropriately challenged, or assisted, at all times – no matter their skill level.

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> Who Should Attend: Audience & Pre-Requisites

This is an intermediate level mobile application development course, designed for experienced developers who need to extend their knowledge of mobile development .  This is a hands-on programming class.  Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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> Related Courses: Suggested Learning Path

We will collaborate with you to design the best solution to ensure your needs are met, whether we customize the material, or devise a different educational path to help your team best prepare for this training.
Take Before: Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of developing software applications, as well as basic HTML and CSS.  Students should have skills equivalent to the following courses and topics:

•   TT4105 Web Essentials: HTML and CSS or

•   TT4605 Web Essentials: Working with HTML5 and CSS3

Alternative Courses / Take Instead:
We offer other courses that provide different levels of knowledge or focus:

•   TT4635 Developing HTML5 Mobile Applications | HTML5 Mobile Application Development - 4 days

•   TTG4643-A  HTML5 Mobile Development (with Android Overview & Demo) - 4 days

•   TTG4643-iOS HTML5 Mobile Development (with iOS / iPhone Overview & Demo) - 4 days

•   TTG4645-A  Mastering HTML5, CSS & JavaScript for Mobile Development (Android Development Edition) - 5 days

•   TTG4645-iOS  Mastering HTML5, CSS & JavaScript Mobile Development (iOS / iPhone Development Edition) - 5 days

•   TTG9804 Mastering Android Application Development - 5 days

•   TTG9810 Developing for the Android Platform | Android Boot Camp 1 - 5 days

•   TTG9850 Intermediate Android Application Development - 5 days

•   TTG9890 Advanced Android Application Development - 5 days
TTG9800 Introduction to Android Development for Java Programmers - 4 days
TTG9815 Developing for the Android Platform (with Java Review) | Android Boot Camp - 5 days

Take After:
Our web development and design training courses provide students with a solid foundation for continued learning based on role, goals, or their areas of specialty.  Trivera’s targeted learning paths offer a wide variety of follow-on courses such as:

•   TTC8675 Mobile Application Development Security | Developing Secure Mobile Applications

•   Additional courses from our Web Development, Programming & Design Course Tracks

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> Course Outline / Agenda

Please note that this agenda may be easily tailored to best suit your training skills objectives, tools of choice and learning goals.

Laying out a Page with HTML5

•  Page Structure

     -  Laying out a Page with HTML 4 - the "old" way
     -  Laying out a Page with HTML5
•  New HTML5 Structural Tags
•  Page Simplification
•  HTML5 - How We Got Here
     - The Problems HTML 4 Addresses
     - The Problems XHTML Addresses
     - The New More Flexible Approach of HTML5 - Paving the Cowpaths
     - New Features of HTML5
            •  HTML5 and JavaScript
            •  Additional Changes
            •  Modernizr -- MMRS Do we need to cover this..We plan to use more Jquery Mobile library for the mobile space.
     - The HTML5 Spec(s)
     - Current State of Browser Support

Sections and Articles
•  The section Tag
     - The HTML 4 Way
     - The HTML5 Way
     - Display of HTML5 Structural Elements
•  The article Tag
•  Outlining
     - Sectioning
• Accessibility

HTML5 Audio and Video
•  Supported Media Types
•  The audio Element
     -  Audio Formats
     -  Multiple Sources
     -  Audio Tag Attributes
     -  Getting and Creating Audio Files
•  The video Element
     -  Video Tag Attributes
     -  Creating and Converting Video Files
•  Accessibility
•  Scripting Media Elements
•  Dealing with Non-Supporting Browsers
     -  Graceful Degradation

HTML5 Forms
• Modernizr
• New Input Types
     -  search
     -  tel
     -  url and email
     -  date/time input types
     -  number
     -  range
     -  min, max, and step attributes
     -  color
• HTML5 New Form Attributes
     -  autocomplete
     -  novalidate
• Some Other New Form Field Attributes
     -  required
     -  placeholder
     -  autofocus
     -  autocomplete
     -  form
     -  pattern
• New Form Elements
     -  datalist
     -  progress and meter

HTML5 Web Storage
• Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
• Web Storage
     -  Browser Support
     -  Local Storage
     -  Session Storage
     -  Prefixing your Keys
• Other Storage Methods
     -  Web Database Storage
     -  Indexed Database API

HTML5 Canvas
•  Getting Started with Canvas
     -  Context
• Drawing Lines
     -  Multiple Sub-Paths
     -  The Path Drawing Process
     -  The fill() Method
• Color and Transparency
• Rectangles
• Circles and Arcs
     -  Radians
• Quadratic and B้zier Curves
     -  Practice
• Images
     -  drawImage() - Basic
     -  drawImage() - Sprites
• Text
     -  Text Properties

Integrated APIs -- MMRS Focus, understand more of it.
• Offline Application API
     -  Cache Manifest File
     -  The HTML File
     -  Managing ApplicationCache with JavaScript
     -  A Sample Application
• Drag and Drop API

HTML5 Web Sockets (
• Overview
     -  Attributes
     -  Events
     -  Methods
• Example

HTML5 Web Workers (
• Overview
     -  What are Web Workers?
     -  How Web Workers Work
     -  Handling Errors
• Example

HTML5 Geolocation (
• Overview
     -  Geolocation Methods
     -  Location Properties
     -  Handling Errors
• Example

JQuery Overview (,
• Overview
     -  Objects in JavaScript
     -  The main JQuery Object
     -  JQuery Plugin Entry Point
     -  Internal Definition of a Plugin
     -  JQuery Design Patterns
• Example
• JQuery for Mobile
     -  Overview
     -  Creating a Web Site
     -  Forms
• Example of JQuery for Mobile

Optional: iOS and Android Demo / or iPhone Demo
• Overview
     -  Developing for Mobile
     -  iOS Requirements and Development Environment
     -  Android Requirements and Development Environment
• Example of iOS WebView Application
• Example of Android WebView Application

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> Student Materials | What Students Receive

Our robust course materials include much more than a simple slideshow presentation handout.  Student materials include a comprehensive hard-copy course manual (or soft-copy, upon request), complete with detailed course notes, detailed lab manuals and workbooks, code samples, software tutorials, diagrams and current reference materials, all directly related to the course at hand, indexed for ease of use. Step-by-step lab instructions, software tutorials and project descriptions are clearly illustrated and commented for maximum learning. We also offer recommended sources for course preparation, support and follow up for each course or learning path.

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> Delivery Environment & Set Up Made Simple

This course can be delivered using a variety of software combinations. Our detailed lab workbooks are complete with software-specific instructions and tutorials, screen shots and step-by-step illustrations for using the software you select.   In most cases we can port our classes to run in the environment of your choosing. Please inquire for details. 

We keep setup simple! Our mission is to ensure a smooth start to your course with minimum set up burden for your team or firm.  We offer several course set up options to help meet that goal, all of which include us working closely with your set up team to ensure your classroom and students are ready to go, well in advance of the course start date.

•    Manual Course Setup.  Our team provides a detailed setup guide with specific instructions, packaged software and links for all course tools and labs, as well as much live assistance as required to prepare your attendees or classroom for the course.
•    Remote Lab Environment.  Your team can access our pre-packaged, hosted environment to access and use the software, labs and tools required for the hands-on portion of the training
•    Provide Pre-Loaded Equipment. If needed, we can ship in pre-loaded equipment to your site.
•    LoadNGo Classroom Image. Some courses may have an option to provide a DVD image in advance of the course for simple course installation. Please inquire for details.

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> Why Choose Web Development, Programming & Design Training from Trivera Technologies?

Whether you’re a manager choosing a training provider or course to bring to your team, an instructor looking for reliable, solid course materials, or a student looking for an exciting, targeted training class to attend or to recommend to your colleagues - Our single focus is to make YOUR training event or experience a success. Here’s why choosing our team as your mobile application development training resource takes the risk right out of your decision making process…


•   Our prices and services are guaranteed. We stand behind our courses, courseware and instructors 100%. We’ll match or beat any pricing for similar services, any time. Whether you’re a stakeholder organizing your firm’s educational services, a student in our live or virtual classroom or a trainer using our materials to educate your own client or team.

•   Our Instructors and Mentors bring years of leading-edge, hands-on Mobile Application Development, Design & Programming experience into the classroom and content. Our engaging, dynamic instructors and course authors are also skilled developers and designers, who work on exciting mobile development projects in between training engagements. Our team members are are immersed in the latest skills, tools and technologies available in this fast-changing industry. They bring experience and expertise well-beyond the course materials.

•   Our ‘skills-driven’ courses are efficient, focused, current and comprehensive. Our experts target exactly the skills your team needs to succeed in their jobs, projects or roles, rather than taking a ‘laundry-list’ approach to training, which can often result in overtraining, course overload or overwhelmed students. We’ll work with you to define what it is you need to accomplish, and create the right program, training to those goals. Students of all skill levels will be able to hit the ground running with their new skills right after class ends, since the program was correctly designed from the start.

•   Our content is always updated and ready to go. Our dedicated course development team keeps our training content, courses and student resources completely updated with the latest skills, industry trends and software editions to ensure your team is always getting the most current information, techniques and skills available.

•   Our 360ฐ Turn-Key Training Services ensure your Important Event is TrulyTargeted, Exceeds Your Expectations and is delivered 100% Worry-Free!  The Trivera team treats every delivery engagement like a first-run, important event, not simply a staffing assignment. For every class we deliver, our team works closely with yours to ensure that your course runs smoothly from start to finish, and that there are no surprises in the classroom for you, your students or the instructors. Our experts work with you to choose the right topics and courses that align with your true skills goals, tuning as needed. We align the best all-around trainer to fit your exact needs – not just whoever happens to be ‘on the bench’. We offer pre-reading, quizzes and support resources to help assess and prepare your team for the training, so we can best tune the training and maximize their time in the classroom. We’ll ensure that your classroom is set up and ready to go prior to course start. Our dedicated events team handles all site details, instructor logistics and and classroom set up, making your event organization completely worry-free. Throughout the course delivery, our instructors constantly evaluate the class delivery and students, tuning topics, activities, discussions and labs as needed to ensure all student skill levels and needs are targeted. All activities, data and results are documented and shared with your firm so you have a complete picture of the course and its results, throughout the course delivery, and afterwards. Post training support is also included for your students to address any future related questions.

•   We wholly-own our course content, giving Trivera flexibility & quality above the rest. Our course materials are owned by our company and fully customizable at little or no cost. Dozens of training firms and independent instructors purchase and use our course materials, and hire us for training support as well. As a result, our courseware is subject to very stringent quality requirements. Not only will your organization benefit from our own technical team’s technical expertise, but also from the feedback of hundreds of students and trainers using these materials, worldwide, on a regular basis. This unique fact guarantees that our materials are not only robust and interesting, but also technically correct, current and of the highest quality and usability.

•   We take the pain out of classroom set up. Our mission is to ensure a smooth start to your course with minimum set up burden for your team or firm. We offer several course set up options to help meet that goal. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your classroom is 100% ready to go, well in advanced of the class start so your class can hit the ground running.

•  We’re here for Extended Support Service for students, instructors, facilities or anyone using our content or working with our instructors, in any way. There is someone here to assist you with questions, technical calls, set up, content – or whatever you need - at all times. Your success is our singular goal. We also support all of our students long after the class ends by offering pertinent free technical resources, loive mentoring and technical support to help you apply your newly learned skills, and steeply discounted additional training offerings.

•  We're published authors and industry speakers. Our team was selected to write the online JEE, EJB, EJB CMP-CMR and Web Services Tutorial Series for IBM developerWorksฎ. These are the same instructors who train our classes and author the courseware. Most of our trainers/consultants have also authored additional articles on web services, EJB, Struts, JEE and advanced Java topics, and are recognized speakers and presenters on the industry technical seminar circuit. Our team is comprised on several successful published authors. Members of our team have written or contributed to: Python Programming, Eclipse Kick Start, Mastering Eclipse; Professional Struts; Using Java Tools for Extreme Programming; Mastering Resin; Mastering TomCat and others.

•  Need a small-business status with whom to team? Trivera Technologies is a 100% Woman-Owned Small Business Concern. Please contact us to team with us for your small-business or woman-owned set aside opportunities.

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> For Additional Information

Need dedicated training? All courses can be brought onsite or produced online / virtually for a private presentation, customized to suit your unique learning requirements and delivered in a total turn-key, worry free manner for your team or organization. We wholly-own our courseware and resources, so we can offer the most custom solutions, program flexibility and best prices. Our pricing is always cost effective, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click to learn more about our Training Services...

Need a Managed Training Program or Company-Wide Training Solution? We also offer custom Enterprise Role-Based Training & Training Roadmap Programs, New Hire Training, Skills Update & Development (Re-Skilling) Programs, Vendor Management Services, and Turn-Key Training for Partners.  Please contact us for details, options and excellent, competitive pricing.

Looking for a Public / Open Enrollment Training Course? Please visit our
Public Training Schedule for available open enrollment dates for your courses and topics. Be sure to check out our regularly offered Special Discount Offers and Promotions. Corporate and Partner rates are also available.

Need courseware for your training event, or courseware development / update services?  Let us take the risk out of your next courseware purchase, curriculum course development project or classroom delivery! Our course materials are available for corporate license and/or customization, with complete course delivery preparation and event support for your Instructor, as well as free corporate branding for your firm or client. We can also create courseware for your firm from the ground up, or modify or update your firm's existing content. Samples are available upon request, and our pricing is always competitive. Click to learn more about our Courseware Services...

Contact Us - We're Here to Help!  For more information about our training services, collaborative mentoring services, courseware licensing options, courseware development services, public course schedule, Vendor Management Services, partner and reseller programs, or to see our complete list of course offerings please Contact Us online or call 609.953.1515.



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