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Trivera Technologies is a skills-centric technical education services firm that offers comprehensive, flexible, full-lifecycle collaborative IT learning solutions. We provide IT managers, analysts, architects, engineers, application developers, security stakeholders, administrators and technologists of all skill levels with the techniques and best practices they require to meet their technical objectives and exceed their learning goals. Our core services revolve around creating the most targeted education events for your team, working closely with your organization to design the most effective programs possible. Our collaborative learning events and programs are tailored to help each student meet the challenges at hand while keeping sharp focus on the goals of your organization, large or small. Our extensive team of subject matter experts, business engineering consultants, experienced instructors, courseware designers and program support team brings years of practical IT experience into every classroom and custom project. Our goal is your success in the classroom.

Our core education services include custom classroom training (both live and virtual), dedicated focus learning events and seminars, in-depth student assessment and skills-gap remediation programs, collaborative mentoring services, worldwide public open-enrollment courses, curriculum development and licensing services, and full-scale Corporate Learning Support Services or Vendor Management Support Services.

Our team have trained over 100,000 students worldwide to date, both directly and on behalf of partner firms who select us as their “go-to” experts of choice to educate their own valued clients. Over 200 organizations currently license our wholly-owned course materials for to train to their own valued clients, complete with instructor support from our team.

We’re not a broker or training aggregator – we’re the core provider others turn to do the heavy lifting and support. Our extensive experience as a key partner provider puts us in an excellent position to provide end-to-end Learning Support Services to your organization. Our day to day practice involves ensuring every class delivered runs as if it’s the first at any new key account. Working on behalf of our key partners, we collaborate with their sales team to assess the student skills requirements, construct the most targeted training events (managing the entire process) vetting potential instructors, setting up the classroom, delivering the course, and maintaining constant contact with our Partner to ensure they are up to date on any class happenings. We gather and summarize course results, make recommendations for additional courses, and ensure any follow up feedback is addresses, summarized, and implemented immediately. The burden is completely limited. They are free to engage in their own daily operations knowing that their events will run successfully, as we have prepared the classroom, hand-picked the instructor, selected or the content, and prepared the students. All tasks are performed working within whatever guidelines that partner has in place, and all results and happenings are documented and reported regularly.

We are project management and training delivery experts. We deliver hundreds of onsite and online classes per year, per partner, for several entities. Each Client is assigned a technical lead who heads their program. That technical lead has access to readily available staff members who can assist with critical engagement tasks, such as vetting instructors, content or potential providers, to deliver your courses. We can offer fast, accurate technical support for any issues that arise on the fly, and have the resources and experience to gather quick solutions for anything that comes our way, before, during or even after a course is delivered. Our event delivery process is a carefully organized machine which can be easily implemented across multiple synchronized deliveries without issue. For classes where you may have a preferred provider, we will work with them to bring them into the process ensuring consistency, but of course handled with diplomacy. In cases where a new provider would be found for courses we do not currently offer, we can locate the best provider to suit the need and organize them into the process, as long as they meet our program guidelines, set by your firm.

Our exceptional client services team would also be highly involved, as we have a dedicated team to handle all aspects of trainer travel and course logistics. This includes materials production, shipments and tracking, trainer site information, all aspects of travel (working within your guidelines), equipment or materials logistics or any other event details. All course status reports are maintained online, and can be communicated regularly. We know exactly what is happening with each course at any time. We have a customer service and technical response team in place to handle anything that arises from any Mass Mutual contact, any trainer, student or anyone else involved in the program. We would have s dedicated project manager who would meet regularly with your team to gauge and evaluate program success, and make changes if needed.

In terms of internal marketing support, we regularly support our partner sales and technical teams with all event details, marketing materials, call support and custom materials creation to help them sell, discuss and learn about the products or events. We can work with any existing corporate LMS you may have in place to handle an input data, communicate with students or vendors, and to input and track results as needed. We communicate regularly about new course releases or updates, and would ensure your contacts always have the latest, and can submit it however you’d like. Maintaining accurate data is a key component of all aspects of the program. Currently we have regular newsletters, focused webinars, separate secure online portals, and custom communications programs in place with other partners, supporting them to the level they desire. We can aggregate, tailor and create any items you need to supplement your internal activities, and have several suggestions to highlight components that have succeeded for us over the years that we think will benefit your team, and save time and money overall. We also have ample local instructors across the northeast who can target your topics of interest.

Our flexibility, technical expertise, and long-term, highly successful dedicated Learning Support Services can greatly reduce your overall organizational and administrative costs. We can perform the detail intensive activities of vetting, organizing and delivering the training your teams need, with limited burden on your staff, with maximum results for your students. Our general agility allows us to alter things quickly, keeping the program always sharp and tuned to your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to share more about our services and experience in these areas.

Please contact us at toll free # 844-475-4559 for a no-cost program evaluation and proposal for Services.

 Overview of Trivera Skills EngineeringSM

Trivera Skills Engineering promotes skills building as a key function of a development team. Having the right set of skills is often the difference between project success and failure! The first step in TSE is for management to determine their strategic architecture for achieving business objectives. The second step is a cooperative one in which Trivera mentors work directly with management to create a custom knowledge development plan.

Every plan includes two initial components:

  • A Technology Roadmap (and Skills Development Strategy)

  • A Comprehensive Skills Assessment

The plan will also consist of one or more of the following components:

  • Instructor-led Training

  • Hands-on Mentoring

  • Just-in-Time Training Seminars

  • Computer/Web-based Training

  • Pair Programming

  • Management-supported Study Groups.

> Technology Roadmap / Skills Architect

The plan begins with a Technology Roadmap. Everything else about the Skills Engineering plan and the educational process is driven by the foundation laid by the Technology Roadmap. The IT Technology Roadmap Building Program™ was created by Trivera to assist companies with the selection of technologies and application development methodologies that best suit their needs. A roadmap would, for example, help a company decide on technology standards for new development as well as document legacy systems that need to be integrated in the new solutions.

Many companies will already have a technology roadmap, and will use Trivera to develop a Skills Engineering plan. This plan identifies the required skills, and essential roles necessary for the software developers, technical staff members, and the management team to appropriately implement the desired technologies and fulfill the intended strategies identified within the company’s Technology Roadmap. In short, the Roadmap is a list of the roles needed, and the skills required, to accomplish the company’s desired technical objectives.

> Skills Assessment

The Technology Roadmap and corresponding Skills Engineering Plan indicates the technical and educational objectives for the organization. The skills assessment takes account of the organization’s current skill levels and technical knowledge to understand what the starting point will be for the educational program.

Trivera has developed a new independent technology, the eAssessment program, which enables us to provide skills testing and assessment prior to having developers enter specific workshops or learning tracks.  Our program can also be utilized to perform follow up testing and certification of your team, based on your unique goals and requirements. For example, developers would be tested on key fundamentals like knowledge of RDBMS systems, Object-Oriented technologies, and more. In addition to formal skills assessment through our adaptive tests, Trivera employs custom testing and personal interviews with key individuals conducted by Trivera mentors. These various skill assessment mechanisms are crucial in order to fully understand the current skill level of the team as it relates to the organization’s overall Technology Roadmap.  Based on these skills assessment, Trivera works with the client to draft an appropriate educational program.

> Instructor-Led Training

Building upon the foundation of the Technology Roadmap and Skills Assessments, the technology immersion phase begins. Trivera is in the knowledge-brokering business. Rather than simply lecturing to developers in a stale classroom environment, our mentors immerse the students in technology, tools, and techniques. In this initial immersion phase, developers are enrolled in instructor led-training where they are introduced to key concepts and technologies outlined in the technology roadmap for the company.  This should correspond as close as possible to the timeframe when the developers will actually use the technologies to build solutions. The objective behind instructor-led training is to reduce the student’s learning curve by introducing concepts and technologies through lecture and intensive lab sessions. Students are exposed to a wide array of options, possibilities, approaches, and techniques, in as short a period of time as possible. The word immersion is not an understatement.

> Computer Based Training

By augmenting instructor-led training with computer/web-based training, students are able to broaden their understanding of core concepts and increase their overall knowledge retention. Providing alternate training mediums, especially those that are self-paced, provides a powerful educational combination. Additionally, computer/web-based training adapts easily to busy schedules and mobile professionals.

> Collaborative Mentoring

The mentoring phase is the cornerstone of any technical immersion program. Mentoring is where the solutions-focused world of consulting and the knowledge-focused world of education meet. Real solutions are built in a collaborative, educational environment, using technologies identified on the technology roadmap. Mentoring ensures that developers maximize their time and efficiency. They receive focused, hands-on training that is immediately applied to their current project, increasing the likelihood that they will maintain that knowledge for use on the next project. Knowledge and experience are exchanged indirectly as well, through the mentor’s technical leadership and keen understanding of the technologies and tools being used. The result is a better-educated team, with real-world experience under their belts, a successful deployment of a new technology, tool, or methodology, and a tangible project deliverable.

> Just In Time Seminars

As the market changes, businesses realign accordingly. Such changes naturally filter down to a change in technical direction, application scope, or both. In addition to market-driven changes, technical changes tend to arise as more knowledge is accumulated about the problem domain, and/or the specific architecture of a system. As new technical requirements emerge, an educational program must be able to adapt as well. To make this adjustment, our mentors use the vast Trivera library of training and presentation material to create a concise training session geared to the unique needs of a particular development team. Such training is sometimes divided into short sessions spread over several weeks to slowly introduce new skills, or to accommodate rigid delivery schedules.

> Paired Programming

Pair programming, which is the practice of two developers sitting behind one monitor developing solutions together, is utilize to maximize the effectiveness of mentoring. Thus, if the mentor shows new skills and/or best practice while involved in a pair programming session with developer b, when developer b works with developer a, developer b will share those new skills and best practices with developer a. What quickly occurs is that knowledge of skills, techniques and best practices quickly spread throughout the team. A second order effect is that the developer’s start to teach each other new skills through their shared learning, beyond what the mentor is providing.

> Management Supported Study Groups

Learning should not stop in the classroom environment. In addition to mentoring and pair programming another way to build knowledge is through technical study groups. For example, if a team was migrating to .NET, then they could collaboratively study a series of books to introduce them to the foundation concepts of .NET, followed by some of the more advanced architectural implications associated with .NET. Involvement in such a group would reinforce the concepts introduced in training and gained by experience in their project development.  Typically, group members meet once a week, or a couple of times a month over lunch or after work. Members take turns presenting a summary of a section in the book and then the group discusses that material, and the implications it could have upon their current project.  As a show of support, management usually provides an appropriate meeting area and purchases the books to be studied within the group. Study groups are an easy way to motivate a team to expand their skills while reinforcing their training, and building strong communication skills within teams. According to Maslow’s theory of motivation, the highest motivation for humans is social. The study group facilitates this social motivation.

> For Additional Information

Need dedicated training? All courses can be brought onsite or produced online / virtually for a private presentation, customized to suit your unique requirements or goals. Our pricing is always cost effective, and our services are guaranteed. Please also visit our Public Training Schedule for available open enrollment dates that may apply. Please contact us for course details and Special Discount Offers.  Please contact us for more information, pricing and special offers.

Need courseware or courseware development services?  Let us take the risk out of your next courseware purchase, curriculum development project or classroom delivery! All Trivera Technologies course materials are available for corporate license and customization, with complete instructor support and free corporate branding. Samples are available upon request. Please contact us for details, options and excellent, competitive pricing.

For more information about our training services, collaborative mentoring services, courseware licensing options, courseware development services, public course schedule, training management services, partner and reseller programs, or to see our complete list of course offerings please contact us at or call toll free 844.475.4559.

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